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What is SWIR

What is SWIR?

DOWA's Short Wave IR LED covers from 1,000nm to 1,650nm and our LED has the highest power in the world.

We are developing over 1,650nm and will release them in early 2020.

What is MWIR?

This is a new product released in 2021. DOWA strives to provide highly efficient LEDs with its own technology.

What is MIR
Point source LED

Point source LED

DOWA's point source LEDs are customizable, such as chip size, aperture, aperture shape and so on.


DOWA is a Japanese material company and has been manufacturing Red and Infrared LED since 1988.。We started business for semicondustor materials with refining Gallium and Indium in early 1980's, then expand our business to GaAs substrates and LED chip based on our substrates.

Today, we supply 1bilion chip to customers all over the world and keep developing cutting edge products.

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About us

About us

DOWA was founded in 1884 as a mining and smelting company.



DOWA's LED die from 660nm to 1650nm, and further.

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Contact us

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